Camper Care

  • We make sure campers learn & have fun
  • Keep campers safe by following school and camp rules
  • We make sure their individuality is respected

Camper : Staff Ratio

  • 8 : 1

Camper Expectation

  • Golden Rule
  • Keep facility clean
  • Positive Speech
  • Adhere to all other camp policies (respect your coaches, have coaches help you to resolve issues with other campers, no fighting-immediate dismissal from camp, no stealing-immediate dismissal from camp, walk in the building, always stay with your assigned group)

Camper Disciplinary Policy

  • Gentle warning
  • Timeout (reflect to change behavior)
  • Phone call to parent or guardian (please know if a phone call is made we exercised the first two options)

Camper Choice

  • Dance/Cheer – All Day
  • Basketball – All Day
  • Soccer – Mornings
  • Tennis – Mornings (need your own racquet)
  • Board Games – Afternoons
  • Arts & Crafts – Afternoons

Camper Academics

  • Monday-Thursday 12:30pm – 1:45pm (this an option not a mandatory part of camp)

Camper Check In/Check Out

  • Check mark the sign in sheet or let any coach know you are dropping off late or picking up early so we can keep proper attendance records

Camper Before & After Care

  • Before Care 7am – 8:45am ($30 per week)
  • After Care 3:30pm – 6pm ($40 per week)
  • Both ($60 per week)

Camper Food Options

  • Bag provided by school cafeteria (Ex. white or chocolate milk, deli sandwich or PBJ, carton juice, bag vegetables)
  • Campers can also purchase snack (Ex. Gatorade($1.25, chips(.50), hot dogs($1.50))